Types of treatments

There are several types of treatments to apply the anodizing process, they are:


  • Anodized in sulfuric medium.

  • Protection anodized.

  • Hard anodized.

  • Lacquered aluminum.

Lacquering phase

What is lacquered aluminum?

It is a special protection procedure that is applied to the surface of the aluminum profiles by applying a coat of paint, it can be powder or liquid.

These paints are made with polyester or polyurethane resins provide great resistance to UV finishes, atmospheric agents and corrosion.

Lacquered train

In the lacquering train, the aluminum lacquering process begins by placing the profiles and ordering all the processes necessary to achieve a high quality lacquer.

The aluminum profiles must have undergone an initial surface treatment that guarantees the subsequent adhesion of the paint.

Paint phase

It is carried out in two vertical cabins where the dust is placed on the profiles, adhering to them thanks to the effect of static electricity.

This point is essential to control the mass and perimeter of the profile to ensure a constant paint thickness that is always above the most demanding quality seals.

Polishing phase

What is aluminum polishing?

It is a process where its natural shine is returned to the aluminum parts. This process can be done manually or with a polisher.

To obtain the shine you can use creams and powders as well as bast and brushes of hard bristles.

Automatic polisher

It is a very versatile and important power tool that is used to polish protrusions or edges as well as to release rivets, round angles, cut metals, etc.

Due to this its use in the industry is permanently in several processes where polishing, sharpening or boring of surfaces is involved.

Manual polisher

They are small machines but with a lot of power some work with batteries and others are electric.

They are designed to perform polishing tasks in small spaces and on aluminum, marble and wood surfaces for example.

Benefits of our treatments

What are the benefits of anodized aluminum?


  • The layer that results from anodizing is much harder and stronger than that obtained when painting, which makes it more useful in those areas where there is great physical abuse due to the use of abrasive cleaners and / or environmental agents.

  • In parts treated with anodizing it is not possible to scrape or scale as the layer is part of the base metal.

  • Anodizing gives aluminum a metallic surface appearance. This is because the anodizing layer is translucent and allows you to see the base metal below it.

  • Anodizing is not affected by sunlight or UV rays.

  • The best and great advantage of an anodizing is its good thickness as well as its durability and long service life. Its best property is precisely chemical resistance.


The durability of this process will depend on the level of corrosion as well as the exposure of the object to oxidizing agents.

Another factor is the degree of anodization used since there are several among the most used are: 7, 17 and 28 μm.

Color stability

The anodizing coloring techniques that exist in the market, such as: integral, organic and inorganic, electrolytic and interference coloration offer great color stability for a long time.

In our company we use paints that are in the list of products that meet ISO 9000 quality standards.

Low maintenance

The anodizing processes do not require a lot of maintenance with cleaning to remove dirt accumulated by the environment is sufficient.

Depending on the degree of dirt, the procedures to be applied are several as well as the materials and implements to be used.


The beauty of the pieces treated with anodization is exceptional, they have a spectacular shine.

The brightness of the colors also brings beauty to the surfaces.


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