Types of pickling

Pickling stainless steel

With great professionalism and applying the most advanced techniques and technology, we offer the pickling of stainless steel.

Which, is a chemical process where thin layers are removed on a stainless steel metal surface, through the application of acids.

We offer this service to companies and people who have boats such as yachts, boats and boats regardless of their size since we have a wide range of measures.

Color chart

In our company we have a very wide color chart where customers can choose the color of their choice.

In addition, the paints in our stock have the highest quality and comply with ISO 9000 standards.

Aluminum coloring

Can you color aluminum?

If possible, color the aluminum after it has been processed with the anodizing process.

We, as a company dedicated to this process and with a lot of experience, offer this exclusive service to companies and individuals who own yachts, boats or boats with no limit of measures in its extension.


How are the finishes after anodizing?

The finishes can be matt or shiny, everything will depend on the paint used in the process.

In our company we offer the client a wide range of colors so you can choose the one you want, guaranteeing that the finish will be as expected by him.