Types of chromatized

Chrome plated aluminum

Our company specializes in the chrome plating of aluminum to give this material a perfect resistance and finish.

We offer a high quality service in aluminum chromatizing to cover surfaces of different extensions at very affordable prices for more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Electrolytic chromatized

Apart from aluminum chromatizing, we offer our customers electrolytic chromatizing for those who prefer a natural finish with shades between white and blue.

Our staff is perfectly trained to apply this process with great professionalism adapting to the demands of the client.

Electrolytic chromatizing specialists

Our company’s staff is widely trained in the application of electrolytic chromatizing, giving our customers satisfaction with the result of our work.

We always adapt to all the demands of our customers so that their boats are protected and at the same time have a colorful and beautiful appearance with decorations in different colors.

Metal chromatizing procedures

When a metal or object is chromed it is to protect it from oxidation that occurs when it is in contact with corrosive or oxidizing agents such as rain, sea water, natural wear due to the passage of time, etc.

This process has several application techniques, some of these are:

Chromatized type 2

Our staff specializes in the application of this chemical process that is characterized by no color and a tough resistance to corrosion and rust.

Selective chrome plating / black or natural anodizing

We are a company specialized in treatments and metallic coatings (anodized) in Spain and we offer our clients and the public in general the most up-to-date chromatization techniques including selective chromatizing such as black or natural.