To all our clients and the public in general, an optimal service and personalized attention to know each case and provide the best advice to solve the problem.

We also offer the best materials and the most advanced anodizing techniques to perform high quality professional work at the most affordable prices for each case.

Anodized aluminum for yachts in Palma of Majorca

Many customers to protect and decorate at the same time prefer aluminum as anodizing material.

We have within our stock of anodized aluminum materials to cover those surfaces that customers want to protect and decorate.

Natural sulfuric anodizing in nautical

In addition to using aluminum as an anodizing material, our company also offers natural sulfuric anodizing which allows the addition of colors.

Our staff is a specialist in the application of natural sulfuric anodizing using the most modern techniques with the most advanced technology.

We use sulfuric anodizing with coloration in boats

Sulfuric anodizing with coloring or dyeing is a technique that enriches and brightens the color through anodizing.

Our staff excels in the application of this technique using the most modern materials available in the market as well as a wide range of colors to choose from.

Services in Balearic Islands of selective and multicolored anodizing

For this type of anodizing we have:

Natural hard anodized

Much more resistant and with many other favorable properties for the surface such as absorption, hardness and dielectric strength.

Hard black anodized

It provides the same favorable properties as natural hard anodizing but only a color with black tones can be included.

Palma of Majorca anodized services

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