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Industry Experts Recommend 6063 T6 Aluminum Cathodes for Hard Coat and TypeII Aluminum Anodizing Operations.
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NTEC delivers the N ewest TEC hnologies for anodizing facilities . As a partner with Alpha Process , a pioneer in patenting modifiers which prevent parts burning , we engineer anodizing processes which give the brightest and hardest finishes while greatly minimizing the power consumption . We provide the latest in power supplies, cooling , process control and waste management. Let us help you choose the
N ew TEC hnology that is right for your job.

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Products & Services: N>TEC brings over 75+ years of
experience to anodizing, plating and metal finishing equipment consulting, sales and technical service. When updating, modernizing or installing, N>TEC can design the system that's
right for your needs.
Finishing equipment from anodizing to plating to waste treatment and New and used Aluminum Anodizing Equipment also available.

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